This house this couch
This book this guitar
My aspiration never drove me so far
This guilt it kills
But the pains worth my thrill
Maybe when its all over they'll throw me back in jail

I'm lost somewhere between a clockwork and an orange
Light myself a cancer up as I walk out side the door
I gotta find a punk rock show or at least somewhere to go
Maybe in an alley way hell maybe I will never know

This room this film
This chair this doctor
This cure its more
Than what I bargained for
My Droogs don't think
I should have did what I've done
So they've led me on
That how the Rozzies they won

Discharge me please mr police officer
No I don't wanna hit you I'll just fall to the floor


from S​.​O​.​S. [2015] FREE DOWNLOAD!, released April 20, 2015




I Came From Earth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I Came From Earth, so did you.

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