I Don't Believe In Leaders

from by I Came From Earth



I'm not trying to walk a path
Cause I can't walk straight to save my life
I dropped out of church to ease my mind
Still haven't found no Jesus Christ
I lost everything that I once had
I traded it all for a cigarette
now I surround myself with Democrats
Republicans and Interdependent Hypocrites

I can't tell you who my leader is
But I can tell you all about myself
I don't believe in leaders

I'm not trying to start a war
Peace and violence are always knocking on the door
I don't have to prove myself
To anybody, you, or anyone else
Go ahead and pick your side
I'll be standing in the middle and I'll do it all over again

Maybe they'll float up off the wall


from S​.​O​.​S. [2015] FREE DOWNLOAD!, released April 20, 2015




I Came From Earth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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