I've got some enemies and friends
hanging onto a system
with broken down apologies
or caught up in technology
pushing away
connected and tangled
until the final cord gets ripped

because the world keeps turning
at a thousand miles an hour
the apocalypse begins when it stops
but since the world keeps turning
it looks like we're all going to be stuck on this rock

I lost my appetite for days
I'm well aware it's not healthy
woke up on the floor cold thirsty and hungry
we're all living the dream
but we're dieing the nightmare
blowing up and shooting down egos

Relationships that I was too afraid to have in the past
decisions waited too long to make
and all the chances that I didn't take
I guess it's insecurity
I had a very long day
I haven't seen you in a month
and if it helps I think I'm doing okay
if you say your leaving
do yourself a favor
please just stay away


from S​.​O​.​S. [2015] FREE DOWNLOAD!, released April 20, 2015




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