Things They Didn't Teach You In Kindergarten

from by I Came From Earth



A is for Anarchy or Apples that decay
B is for Blasphemy I live it every day
C is for conformity
D is for distraction (or drugs)
E is for the Earth we live in and Equality
F is for Fuck the world because-
G is for Genocide
H is for Human Rights
I is I stand up for Human Rights!
J is for Jesus Christ
K is for Killing (That's Bad)
L is Loneliness
M is for Mourning death
N is for Nasty thoughts going through your head
O is for Obstacles you'll go through your whole life
P is for Pride that I have deep within myself
Q is for Quarks you'll find in people every day
R is for a Revolution never being won
S is for singing songs
T is for together
U is for Ugh!
V is for Vacation
W is for What the fuck do i do with-
Y is for your time
Z is just a letter that goes above sleeping peoples' heads


from S​.​O​.​S. [2015] FREE DOWNLOAD!, released April 20, 2015




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