You can be anti abortion
You can throw your kid away
You could pray to all your problems
You could fear they'll never stay
But I'm running from the clockworks
stuck inside a horrorshow
being preached that holy bible
sell this man of god your soul
for it gets ya into heaven
the more money that you give
keeps the church open on Sunday
teach good morals to your kids
so when they grow up
they'll be congressmen
presidents and priests
keep the generations going
even when you are deceased
oh if i could restart history
id do it in three heart beats
one for hope
and one for love
one for angels from above
I'd make sure there was never war
there would be no need for peace
all the animals get liberation
every human free
and the schools would teach you
how to see
a life without brutality
As the apple on the teacher's desk
turns rotten to the core
there would be no fascist nations
we'd never need a police state

If three Heart Beats
Were all i ever needed
I Would Turn the world around
Leave it hanging upside down.
But those missiles of democracy
Keep Flying from the Sky
and you know it's never gonna stop
Until the day we die


from S​.​O​.​S. [2015] FREE DOWNLOAD!, released April 20, 2015




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